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How to use the sticker half cutting machine?

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How to use the sticker half cutting machine?

A sticker half cutting machine is a kind of equipment for cutting and cutting wide material according to different needs in the production process. The sticker half cutting machine is mainly used to cut the wide coils into narrow coils suitable for production. Our sticker half cutting machine in the process of operation to achieve the ideal effect, improve the performance of the sticker half cutting machine, make the sticker half cutting machine in high-speed operation more stable, winding flat, simple and convenient operation, safe and reliable, strong durability. So how does our sticker half cutting machine work?


Here is the content list:

•Power on

•Setting control

•Feeding, film piercing, and film joining 

•Stop operation


Power on

Open the electrical switch of the sticker half cutting machine, the key is turned on MACHINE to the RUN to check the voltage (380 V), the current is correct and stable. Turn on the hydraulic system power switch, check the main hydraulic drive system oil level and pressure gauge display are correct and stable. Open the pneumatic closure valve and check that the air pressure is correct and stable.


Setting control

Set the partition menu of the film type, thickness, length, width, etc. arranged in the partition plan.Set the winding length and width of the corresponding specification film. Select the corresponding winding work station, adjust the press roll arm and press roll, and install the corresponding specification paper core on the sticker half cutting machine.


Feeding, film piercing, and film joining 

Feeding: according to the requirements of the cutting plan, according to the operation rules, according to the actual situation, the corresponding mother coil is hoisted on the unwinding fixture.


Film penetration: When there is no film on the sticker half cutting machine, film penetration is required. By using the film piercing device and function key of the cutting machine, one end of the original film is fastened to the ring eye of the film piercing chain, and the film piercing button is started, so that the film is distributed flat on each roll along the cutting process.


Film connection: when there is a film on the sticker half cutting machine, when changing the coil joint, use the vacuum film table to start the film table to table to the working position, manually level the film on the first lead roller of the sticker half cutting machine and start the upper vacuum pump suction film.


Stop operation

When the film coil runs to the set length, the equipment stops automatically. During the operation of the sticker half cutting machine, the MACHINE STOP can be stopped according to the need. Press the MACHINE STOP key more than 2 S. when you need to stop quickly If there is an emergency such as equipment or human accident, stop according to the EMERGENCY STOP.


 Ensure correct and stable voltage, current and hydraulic equivalent before starting. Before the equipment is ready to run, all personnel must notify to leave the sticker half cutting machine to ensure personal safety before starting operation. In operation, do not touch the running film coil or roller core with your hand, so as not to involve your hand in causing personal injury. When in the operation process, do not use a knife or hard objects to scratch, cut each roller core. Kunshan Hexin company conducts many tests of sticker half cutting machineand the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need a sticker half cutting machine and more slitting machines products, you can consider our cost-effective products. Kunshan Hexin company's materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.




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