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  • What is the use of slitting and cutting integrated machines?
    The slitting and cutting integrated machine is mainly used for sizing cutting of labels, aluminum foil, copper foil, PET, PC, PVC, PCB, FPC, lithium battery film, flannel, metal foil, and various roll materials. The slitting and cutting integrated machine is a kind of mechanical equipment for slitti
  • Precautions for using the sliding rewinding machine
    The sliding rewinding machine is a kind of special equipment for paper, mica tape, and film. It is used to rewinding the paper roll produced by the paper machine (called the original paper roll) in turn. In the paper-making machinery industry, AC transmission instead of DC transmission has become th
  • What is an oil heating laminating machine?
    The oil heating laminating machine is a kind of laminating machine, which can be used in food, beverage, daily necessities, medical, chemical, and other industries. Here are some detailed introductions.Here is the content:l Definitionl Structurel FeaturesDefinitionThe oil heating laminating machine
  • What are the applications of oil heating laminating machines?
    The oil heating laminating machine transfers the heat of the heating plate to the welding surface of the upper and lower plastic heating elements by the electric heating method so that the surface is melted, and then the heating plate is quickly withdrawn. Integrated instrument. An oil heating lamin
  • What is a laminator machine used for?
    The laminator machine is a kind of special equipment for paper, board, and laminating film. After being pressurized by the rubber roller and the heating roller, they are combined together to form a paper-plastic product.. Its products are widely used in various industries in life. What can the lamin
  • What is the difference between thermal and cold lamination?
    The cold and thermal laminating machine is a practical glass machinery equipment that can be used for cold and thermal laminating. The main working position adopts an imported elastic silicone roller to make the protective film and the glass surface stick to the best effect, eliminate the phenomenon
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