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What is a laminator machine used for?

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What is a laminator machine used for?

The laminator machine is a kind of special equipment for paper, board, and laminating film. After being pressurized by the rubber roller and the heating roller, they are combined together to form a paper-plastic product.. Its products are widely used in various industries in life. What can the laminator machine be used for? Here are some detailed introductions.

Here is the content:

l Working principle

l Use

Working principle

The multilayer lining machine first coats the adhesive on the plastic film through a roller coating device then heats the film by the hot press roller to soften the film and then presses and presses the printed matter coated with the primer and the film to form a paper-plastic All-in-one laminated product.

Working principle of instant coating laminator machine

 Instant film coating is a process in which the film is applied immediately with the glue applied by the instant film machine for paper-plastic composite. It is mainly composed of a coating film processing plant or a processing workshop. According to the needs, the roll plastic film is coated with an adhesive, dried (lightly) composited, and pressurized to adhere the paper film together to form a film-coated product. There are automatic and semi-automatic laminator machines, the basic working principle of which is the same; the process flow mainly includes unwinding→gluing and coating→drying→compositing→slitting→finished product accumulation.

Working principle of pre-coating film laminator machine

The pre-coating type laminator machine is a piece of special equipment that combines the printed matter with the pre-coated plastic film. The main structure is composed of four parts: film unwinding, printed matter automatic input, hot pressing compound, and automatic winding. Compared with the laminator machine, it does not require adhesive coating and drying parts, so it is compact in structure, small in size, low in cost, simple in operation, ready to use, flexible in production, and high inefficiency. The composite of the pre-coated film and the paper printed matter only needs to be hot pressed. It is suitable for all kinds of laminator machines and laminator machines with hot pressing functions. That is, the bridge-type combination laminator machine of the glue-coating wet compounding process does not need to be modified, and the pre-coating film can be used for laminating.


Laminator machines can be divided into two categories: instant-coating laminator machines and pre-coating laminator machines. It is a piece of special equipment for paper and film. The ready-to-coat laminator machine includes three parts: gluing, drying, and hot pressing. It has a wide application range and stable and reliable processing performance. It is a widely used laminating equipment in China. Pre-coating type laminator machine, no gluing and drying parts, small size, low cost, flexible and convenient operation, not only suitable for laminating processing of large quantities of printed matter, but also suitable for laminating small batches and scattered printed matter such as automated desktop office systems Processing is very promising.

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