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Slitting Machine Maintenance

 On this page, you can see the repair methods of the product, these repair methods are also applicable to our products, such as: horizontal slitting machine, steel sheet slitting machine, plastic slitting machine, precision slitting machine, vinyl slitting machine, reel to reel slitting machine, laminate slitting machine,etc.

  Please make sure each part of machine in well running. Please check and find out reason once the machine has noise.

  Pneumatic rectification, check pneumatic rectification oil tank. Please fill 10# hydraulic oil in time when lacking of oil.

  Lock the upper- knife support when the distance between upper-knife and lower- knife is 2-3mm. After aiming at middle of down knife slot, Put down upper- knife support.

  Adjust the speed slowly and watch the gap of up and down knife. Too tight will bring burrs, too slack will damage blade.

  Please fill oil into screw mandrel one time each day. Clean up foreign matter on screw mandrel, blade, blade seat, blade support, removable guided pillar. Clean dust and coat oil.

  Please fill lubricating oil to drive chain and gear one time each week.

  Please check in regular whether the chain and convey belt is slack each month.

  All the rollers need keep gap when the machine don’t work. Please clean the machine by neutral detergent, don’t use petrol, mineral spirits.

  Please use towel or soft cloth to clean machine.

  When the machine is in idle, Please oil screw mandrel, blade, blade seat and electroplating unit to avoid rustiness.




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