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Precautions for using the sliding rewinding machine

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Precautions for using the sliding rewinding machine

The sliding rewinding machine is a kind of special equipment for paper, mica tape, and film. It is used to rewinding the paper roll produced by the paper machine (called the original paper roll) in turn. In the paper-making machinery industry, AC transmission instead of DC transmission has become the development trend. The paper rolls from the paper coiler are soft, maybe broken or broken inside, the edges on both sides are not neat, the width of the paper can not be directly used in the paper processing or printing machine, most kinds of paper (such as newsprint, letterpress, wrapping paper, etc.) must go through the rewinder to cut edge, cut, joint, re-winding on the paper core to form a certain specification, a certain degree of tightness of the finished paper roll. Do you know the considerations for using a sliding rewinding machine?


Here is the content list:


•Pay attention to voltage when used

•Pay attention to the cleaning of the sliding rewinding machine



Sliding rewinding machine drives such as the gear chain require lubrication at every interval. sliding rewinding machine generally will not be a problem, easy parts are nothing more than some pinion.


Pay attention to voltage when used

Note that the voltage of the sliding rewinding machine should be stable, otherwise it is easy to burn the motor.


If the sliding rewinding machine is damaged, remove the circuit board and carry out a visual inspection, you will find that the substrate around the power bridge pile is discolored, and you can conclude that the bridge pile has been burned out and replaced with the bridge stack power test run, and there is still no response. Measured with a multimeter, the newly replaced bridge pile has also burned out, judging that there is a short circuit. Check the components one by one from the bridge pile down and find that the three-terminal voltage stabilizer block (7805) is broken down, the components are replaced, and the power indicator on the circuit board is lit after power-up. The operator installs the circuit board on the machine and operates according to the normal procedure to check whether the photoelectric protection function works.


Pay attention to the cleaning of the sliding rewinding machine

Regular cleaning of product residues to ensure sliding rewinding machine cleaning otherwise the sliding rewinding machine will easily jam and the reel will not slide so that the sliding rewinding machine will break down.


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