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What is the difference between thermal and cold lamination?

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What is the difference between thermal and cold lamination?

The cold and thermal laminating machine is a practical glass machinery equipment that can be used for cold and thermal laminating. The main working position adopts an imported elastic silicone roller to make the protective film and the glass surface stick to the best effect, eliminate the phenomenon of bubbles and glass breaking. The pneumatic design is convenient for the automatic adjustment and balance of the film of various thickness products, which greatly improves the filming machine High efficiency and quality, reduce the labor intensity of operation. So what is the difference between thermal laminating and cold lamination? The following is a detailed introduction.

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l thermal laminating

l Cold laminating

thermal laminating

The machine uses high temperature and high pressure to finish the laminating and mounting of panels and pictures. Compared with the cold laminator, the thermal laminating machine has a lower cost and better effect, and the surface storage time of the product after mounting is longer. The thermal laminating machine is characterized by heating, pressurizing, no bubbles, no wrinkles, self-removing bottom paper function to save labor, and it can realize 400 square meters per hour for single or unmanned operation. The thermal laminating machine has a wide range of applications. It can improve the efficiency of laminating and reduce the labor cost of laminating. It is easy to operate and effectively improves the product yield. It can also be used for low-temperature cold laminating. The thermal laminating machine improves the yield rate of the laminating film, the machine has a long service life and the later maintenance cost is low. One machine has multiple uses, improves the laminating efficiency, and reduces the labor cost of the laminating. It is suitable for the peritoneum of all flat plates and coil media. Just replace the corresponding diaphragm consumables: such as various glass stickers, acrylic sheets, PVC boards, slate, density boards, metal boards, hard plastic boards, bakelite boards, wooden door and window boards, and glass walls.

Cold laminating

The cold laminating machine adopts a cold-pressing process to cover the surface of the picture with the cold laminating machine so that the picture has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, waterproof, and UV resistance. The usage of the cold laminator is very simple. First, install the cold laminator on special support and then place it on a stable, then place the film to be laminating on the iron roller in front of the cold laminator, and finally adjust the pressure regulating hand wheel on the cold laminator Just mount it.

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