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What is an oil heating laminating machine?

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What is an oil heating laminating machine?

The oil heating laminating machine is a kind of laminating machine, which can be used in food, beverage, daily necessities, medical, chemical, and other industries. Here are some detailed introductions.

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l Definition

l Structure

l Features


The oil heating laminating machine transfers the heat of the heating plate to the welding surface of the upper and lower plastic heating elements by the electric heating method so that the surface is melted, and then the heating plate is quickly withdrawn. Integrated instrument.


The whole machine of the oil heating laminating machine is in the form of a frame, which is composed of three plates: an upper template, a lower template, and a hot template, and is equipped with a hot mold and an upper and lower plastic cold mold. The action mode is pneumatic control and manual mode. The oil heating laminating machine adopts a plate-drawing structure. The heating power and mold size can be set according to the size of different plastic parts to realize the welding of a variety of plastic workpieces. It is simple to operate and easy to use. The heating plate is composed of two upper and lower parts, which are heated by electric heating tubes. The oil heating laminating machine is equipped with two temperature controllers to control the temperature of the upper and lower molds respectively. During welding, it can be set in the range of 0~600℃ according to the actual needs. The control mode of the oil heating laminating machine can be divided into manual and automatic control. Manual is a single action, which is mainly used for the debugging of mechanism and mold. After manual debugging, it is adjusted to automatic during production. The automatic control system adopts programmable logic controller (PLC) and touch screen man-machine interface to control. The movement of each cylinder is driven by air pressure, which is easy to operate, reliable in performance, compact in size, and improves production efficiency and quality. Oil heating laminating machine is mainly suitable for food, beverage, daily necessities, medical, chemical, machinery and hardware, clothing, and other industries.


Easy to operate

The oil heating laminating machine has a precise digital display time controller, which can control the crimping and preheating time, and the temperature is digitally displayed, which is direct and convenient. The button control panel makes the operation easier.

Meet various needs

The lamination of bag film and roll film, hot and cold lamination function can meet the various needs of different customers.

Precise temperature control

The temperature and speed of the oil heating laminating machine can be adjusted for more professional use. Low power consumption, heating, and heating, accurate Omron digital display thermostat to control the temperature, so that the temperature difference does not exceed ±3 degrees Celsius. The internal heater system of the drum, with high efficiency and stable heat, is used in the drum 8-bit micro-process control system.

Low noise

The oil heating laminating machine increases the oil pressure buffer to make the cylinder press down smoothly and quietly, with high quality, low noise, and adjustable speed.

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