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Application of sticker half cutting machine

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Application of sticker half cutting machine

The sticker half cutting machine is to cut the large drum master roll into different width products. Sticker half cutting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that divides wide width paper, mica tape, or film into multiple narrow width materials, commonly used in paper machinery, wire and cable mica tape, and printing and packaging machinery. The sticker half cutting machine is mainly used in non - woven cloth, mica tape, paper, insulating materials, and various film materials, especially suitable for the narrow belt (non - woven cloth, paper, insulating materials, mica tape, film, etc .). Do you know the application of sticker half cutting machine


Here is the content list:

•Cutting of various insulating materials

•Suitable for cutting thin coils

•Applied to printing and packaging machinery


 Cutting of various insulating materials

Applied to industries requiring cutting of insulating materials, or protective films, PET、 tapes, insulating materials, mullahs, industrial tapes, adhesive products


Suitable for cutting thin coils

The sticker half cutting machine shall process the whole roll or whole raw material in a fixed length, the cutting length can be set continuously. If the actual cutting length is in error, the sticker half cutting machine can easily be calibrated by setting parameters. Such as non-woven fabrics, paper, insulating materials, mica tape, film, etc


Applied to printing and packaging machinery

For example, trademarks, stickers, cards, and small-batch printing products of small and medium-sized printing enterprises, sticker half cutting machine is a choice of printing processing, let's let alone enterprises only paper size transformation, the shape transformation of products need to have a paper cutting machine. Cutting machine is commonly used in paper machinery and printing and packaging machinery.


This sticker half cutting machine is mainly suitable for roll adhesive, silicone oil paper, label paper, non-woven fabric, toilet paper, tape, aluminum foil, film, kraft paper, etc. A sticker half cutting machine is a kind of equipment for cutting and cutting wide material according to different needs in the production process. The sticker half cutting machine is mainly used to cut the wide coils into a variety of narrow coils suitable for production. The process includes two processes: unwinding material and winding material. Tension control of unwinding material and winding material is the key link of the splitter. Sticker half cutting machine is based on the original electronic control system to add automatic side control, to achieve the ideal effect, improve the performance of the machine, make the machine in high-speed operation more stable, winding flat, simple and convenient operation, safe and reliable, strong durability. Kunshan Hexin company conducts many tests of sticker half cutting machineand the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need a sticker half cutting machine and more slitting machines products, you can consider our cost-effective products. Kunshan Hexin company's materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.




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