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Four-Axis Foam EVA Tape Round Knife Roll Cutting Machine

The machine is applicable for 3M tapes,Mylar Kapton tapes,EVA,PE,protective films,BOPP tapes,masking tapes,kraft paper tapes,cloth-based materials and so on.
  • HX-1300Q

  • Hexin

Four-axis foam eva tape round knife roll cutting machine

round blade knife



Cutting Material Width 1300mm Cutting Width 1mm~1300mm
Inner Dia.of Cutting core 3"(25mm~76mm Customized) Cutting Accuracy ± 0.1mm
Cutting Max.Dia. 160mm Dimension 3.35m*1.75m*1.61m
Maximum Cutter Dia. 200mm N.Weight 2700 KGS
Voltage 380V  50HZ(Customized available 220V) Power 9 KW
No. Host Configuration Configuration Specification Quantity
1 Bearing Machine Bearing NSK from Japan 1 set
2 Low Voltage Protection Leakage protection switch 1 set
AC contactor 1 set
Switching Mode Power Supply 1 set
Electric Relay 1 set
3 Function of Electric Cooker 6 Cutting Scenarios One-click Conversion 1 set
4 Host Setting Device 10"Flip Type Touch Screen 1 set
5 Control System 12 Mode Settings (Open End),Intelligent three-segment speed control 1 set
6 PLC Programming Controller + Extension Module 1 set
7 Main Orientation of Cutter C5 Grade Precision ball screw drive 1 Group
8 Cross main feed positioning C5 Grade Precision ball screw drive 1 Group
9 Trailer Sliding Straight Line Slide 2 Groups
10 Control Handle Cross-switch 3 pcs
11 Photoelectric Switch Photoelectric Switch 6 pcs
12 Main spindle motor inverter 7.5P Variable Frequency Converter   1 Group
13 Blade motor inverter 5.5P Variable Frequency Converter   1 Group
14 Transverse positioning of cutter 1000W Servo Motor Driver 1 set
15 Blade feed drive 1000W Servo Motor Driver 1 set
16 Flip Positioning 1000W Servo Motor Driver (
Expanding 50:1 High-torque Output )
1 set
17 Cutting Blade Electric Motor 380V 50HZ 3P-4H  a-c dynamo 1 set
18 Main Shaft Motor 380V 50HZ 5.5P-6H  a-c dynamo 1 set
19 Sheet Metal Paint Imported powder spray paint 1 set
20 Lighting System 24v LED Lighting 1 set
21 Refrigerating System 90W No drip leakage in water pump 1 Group
22 Tail bracket Magnetic cylinder 1 set
23 Triple combination Lilter water vapor and regulate air pressure 1 Group
24 Cutting Shaft Diameter 76 mm Cutting Shaft 6 pcs
25 Swing angle system Step Auto Swing Angle 1 set
26 Clamping Device Pneumatic piston automatic claw 4 sets
27 Feed Hopper Stainless Steel Hopper 1 set
28 Round Blade 200mm  Double-edged Blade 2 pcs
29 Random Accessories Cut Sleeve PE Tube 4 pcs
30 Service Tools General Maintenance Tools 1 set
31 Clip Cutter Dia.80 mm 2 sets

1. The max width: 1300mm/1600mm
2. Tolerence: 0.05mm, Precision: 0.1mm
3. Material thickness: 0.5mm-15mm
4. Kiss cut or cut through available
5. Under CE and ISO Certifications
6. Warranty for machine: 12months
7. Delivery time: 1-3days
8. Cut through for standard machine
9. Kiss cut is for optional
10.Single machines can do separate small processing plants, and can also make a supporting equipment for large production lines.

1. This machine employs man-machine interface + PLC system equipped with pneumatic pushing device.
2. For half cutoff with multi-cut, full cutoff with one-cut.
3. Five different cutting length can be set.
4. Different cutting quantity and circulation time also can be set to improve cutting efficiency.
5. The cutting length is accurate.
6. Operation is easy.
7. Waste rate is low.
8. Manufacturing experience: 30 years
9. Export experience: 10 years


Sizing cutting for conductive fabric, foam, diffuser, reflector film, double-sided adhesive tape, nickel plate, PET, PC, PE insulation paper copper /aluminum foil and all kinds of adhesive tapes.


1. Warranty for machines is 12 months
2. A promptly reply within 24 hours
3. Free usage training before delivering machines in factory.
4.Our company in France, India, Indonesia, Algeria, Australia, with after-sales service station.


The machine is applicable for 3M tapes,Mylar Kapton tapes,EVA,PE,protective films,BOPP tapes,masking tapes,kraft paper tapes,cloth-based materials and so on.




Max. Web width



Min.slitting width



Slitting precision



Max. Cutting dia.



Cutting blade dia.







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