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How to use the log roll cutting machine correctly?

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How to use the log roll cutting machine correctly?

The log roll cutting machine is mainly used for precise slitting of adhesive tape, protective film, paper products and other materials. It can cut a large roll of material into a specified width. It is a kind of compact industrial equipment, which is widely used in the industrial field. Then, do you know how to operate the log roll cutting machine correctly? Today, let's take a look at the correct operation process of the log roll cutter.


This article will take you to understand these contents:

l What are the different types of log roll cutting machines?

l How to select the appropriate log roll cutter?

l How to use the log roll cutting machine correctly?


What are the different types of log roll cutting machines?

The log roll cutting machine can be divided into two types: single shaft cutting machine and double shaft cutting machine. The application range of single shaft cutting machines is suitable for cutting PVC, OPP, PE, beautiful paper, double-sided tape, kraft paper tape, cloth base, foam and other tapes. Silicon solution cooling system is used in the single shaft cutter to avoid the sticking of the cutter head and ensure smooth cutting. The angle of the cutter is adjusted by a stepping motor. When the cutting surface of the product is not flat, the cutting angle can be directly adjusted to ensure the quality of the product. Double shaft cutting machine is equipped with a double axis and double knives, and the efficiency is greatly improved than that of a single shaft cutting table. The user can choose the small core cutting shaft. At this time, the tool holder is added to balance the pressure of the blade to the cutting shaft, avoid the bending of the shaft, and is suitable for cutting small core materials, such as PVC electrical rubber cloth.


How to select the appropriate log roll cutter?

1. Choose the cutting machine with suitable material, so that the effect of cutting can meet the requirements.

2. Know the width and diameter of your own material, and choose the right size of the log roll cutter.

3. Select the appropriate blade and determine the cutting accuracy. High precision can be selected for high-end configuration, and low precision can be selected for medium configuration.

4. Pay attention to the single shaft or double shaft. Double shaft log roll cutter has high efficiency. If the diameter of the cutter is large, a single shaft log roll cutter can be selected.


How to use the log roll cutting machine correctly?

Take paper products as an example. First, the raw paper is put on the paper feeding rack, which is equipped with an automatic paper feeding device and paper feeding device, and then the paper is transferred to the paper feeding roller. In front of the paper feeding roller, there is a tension bar device to flatten the paper surface, then the punching device, and finally the roll guide device. There are hollow paper shafts on both sides of the roll guide roller to make centerless paper. The paper rolling of the cutting machine is completed by repeatedly guiding the paper with the guide roll and the pressure roll. When the paper rolling reaches a certain specification, the machine will stop automatically and push out the paper automatically. The paper is separated by a paper cutter, and the automatic glue spraying sealing is realized at the same time of paper cutting.


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