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What are the advantages of customized cutting machines?

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What are the advantages of customized cutting machines?

Customized cutting machines are widely used in industry, mainly in metal and non-metal industries. These are all due to the many advantages of the customized cutting machine, the following are some detailed introductions.

Here is the content:

l Cutting accuracy

l Cutting speed

l The automatic typesetting optimization function

l Easy to maintain

l Saving energy

Cutting accuracy

For the construction industry, it is generally required to be below ±0.5mm; but for automotive mirrors, it is required to be below ±0.01mm. The cutting accuracy of the customized cutting machine provided by various machinery manufacturers is generally below ±0. 2mm, but this should not be based on the introduction of the product manual. There should be a complete set of procedures for testing the cutting accuracy at the time of acceptance to measure the actual cutting Product accuracy shall prevail, we generally have more than a dozen test samples. Through the test, we can fully grasp the flatness of the cutting platform and the synchronization control level of the control system.

Cutting speed

We can talk about speed only when the cutting accuracy is met. Because the cutting platform is short, it is difficult to judge whether the maximum speed is reached with the eyes. We can use the software simulation function of the servo drive of the customized cutting machine to check whether the motor speed is up to the highest. When testing the cutting speed of the customized cutting machine, do not use real cutting, increase the acceleration and deceleration. Each axis can be tested separately or at the same time.

The automatic typesetting optimization function

On the side of the customized cutting machine, taking into account the processing cost and the particularity of the work type, generally will not arrange for highly educated people to do it. This requires the operation of the customized cutting machine to be simple, easy to understand, and not too complicated, otherwise it will cause an embarrassing situation where one can afford a machine and cannot support a machine. It is best to have the function of avoiding defects because there are sometimes defective products in the domestic bottom glass. The graphics library for special-shaped cutting should be more and flexible so that the graphics made by CAD can also participate in typesetting.

Easy to maintain

Do not equip too many sensors on the signal and machinery, and minimize unnecessary switches and indicators, because once a certain device on the customized cutting machine fails, it will affect the use of the customized cutting machine. If there are few components, the probability of failure is low, and the wiring is also small. It is convenient to find faults and replace parts. It is best to debug the status of each switch signal on the screen. Maintenance cost is an important factor that must be considered when purchasing a machine. 

Saving energy

When the cutting size requirements can also be met, choosing energy-saving customized cutting machines will bring many benefits to the enterprise. One is to protect the environment and save energy; the other is to save the daily expenses of the enterprise.

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