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What is a slitting and cutting integrated machine?

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What is a slitting and cutting integrated machine?

The slitting and cutting integrated machine is a kind of mechanical equipment for slitting wide-width paper, mica tape, or film into multiple narrow-width strips, then cross cut to sheet. It is often used in papermaking machinery, and printing and packaging machinery. The slitting and cutting integrated machine is mainly used for: non-woven fabrics; mica tape, paper, insulating materials, and various film materials. It is especially suitable for narrow bands (non-woven fabrics, paper, insulating materials, mica tapes, films, etc.). The following sections will explain what is slitting and cutting integrated machines in detail.


Here is the content list:

l Easy to operate

l Adjustable slitting width,cutting length and cutting speed

l With automatic unwinding function


Easy to operate

The slitting and cutting integrated machine uses a touch screen, which has the advantages of sensitive response speed, easy communication, sturdiness and durability, and space-saving. The user only needs to tap the icon or text on the display screen with his finger to operate, which brings great convenience to the use of the slitting and cutting integrated machine.

The touch screen can realize multi-touch, sensitive operation, not easy to touch by mistake, and high durability.


Adjustable slitting width, cutting length and cutting speed

In the production process, it is often necessary to cut the product to obtain the product of the required sheet dimension. In the cutting process of the existing cutting device, it is often necessary to manually or semi-manually adjust the slitting width and cutting length and speed of the product. Moreover, because the fixing mechanism of the existing cutting device is relatively simple, obvious burrs often appear on the lower surface of the pipe during the cutting process, and even the phenomenon of trimming and bending occurs during the cutting process so that the pipe must be re-cutting processing not only wastes raw materials but also increases the labor intensity of workers and reduces production efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to propose a device with adjustable cutting length and speed.


The slitting and cutting integrated machine adopts the method of adjustable width, length and speed, which improves production efficiency.


With automatic unwinding function

The slitting and cutting integrated machine receives the signal sent by the detector, compares the controller with the set tension, and outputs and controls the magnetic powder clutch, brake, torque motor, or servo motor to realize the automatic control of large and large roll unwinding or automatic winding.


The slitting and cutting integrated machine adopts the function of an automatic tension controller for unwinding and rewinding. The automatic tension control uses a tension sensor to directly measure the actual tension value of the tape, and then converts the tension data into a tension signal and feeds it back to the tension controller. The controller's preset tension value is compared, and the control signal is calculated, and the automatic control execution unit makes the actual tension value equal to the preset tension value to achieve the purpose of tension stabilization. It is currently a more advanced tension control method.


The slitting and cutting integrated machine is suitable for cutting all kinds of coiled materials, such as PET, PC, PVC, PCB, FPC, paper, copper and aluminum foil, lithium battery film, flannel, metal foil, etc. The slitting and cutting integrated machine adopts servo motor to pull material, imported PLC touch screen operation; cutting length, quantity and speed can be set arbitrarily. It can be equipped with a static eliminator, feeding conveyor belt device, photoelectric point measuring device, and has the function of starting to stopping the material without stopping the material. It can be used simultaneously with other devices.


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