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Advantages of high precision laminator machine

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Advantages of high precision laminator machine

The high precision laminator machine is one of many types of laminating machines, mainly used for paper and film special equipment. Next is an introduction to the advantages of a high precision laminator machine.

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l Stable heating

l Reliable circuit

l Automatic take-up machine

l Speedcontrol freedom

Stable heating

The drying system of the high precision laminator machine adopts a special horizontal drying oven design and a manual constant temperature control system (easy to operate, fast to increase the temperature, and effectively save the working auxiliary time from 30° to 90°, which only takes about 15 minutes), This design can make the film dry stably without causing the film to shift or shrink. It is suitable for the drying system of water-based glue, with high heat and wide distribution, which completely distributes the heat energy evenly on the glue film of the high precision laminator machine, promoting the glue to dry quickly and the reaction speed is fast.

Reliable circuit

The advanced circuit adopts famous brand PLC programming control, and the whole machine is controlled by electromechanical integration. The edge size of the high precision laminator machine can be automatically adjusted through the touch screen, without manual operation, which reduces the error of the paper edge. At the same time, the human-machine interface of the high precision laminator machine can display speed, mechanical working status, and fault prompts to achieve humanized operation; the motor adopts frequency conversion control, which is stable, energy-saving, safe, and reliable.

Automatic take-up machine

The high precision laminator machine is equipped with a pneumatic double-sided paper arranging device with a paper counter; a vacuum suction belt on the conveying table; a paper-thin paper guide device; a chain hanging board paper table, photoelectric induction automatic lowering; paper delivery table Equipped with the auxiliary carrier, can take up a paper without stopping the machine. (If there is no optional automatic paper take-up machine, add a counter before collecting the cardboard, and the alarm can be measured.)

Speed control freedom

The slitting length of the high precision laminator machine can be set freely according to the size of the paper, and the speed can be freely controlled. The unit linkage operation system, by the speed of the host, automatically increases or decreases, and the operation is simple, saving labor costs and reducing the labor intensity of the operator. The high precision laminator machine has a rotary blade design with 4 sets of blades in the rotary blade seat, which can be fine-tuned and controlled and is easy to operate; when adjusting, it interacts with the pressure roller. It is equipped with an inverted paper roller, which can slit thin paper, and paper of more than 128 grams can be automatically slit online; and the high precision laminator machine is equipped with an automatic winding device, which can be rolled into a roll for paper with poor quality and hardness.

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