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The working principle of slitting rewinding machine

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The working principle of slitting rewinding machine

The slitting rewinding machine is the machine that makes the original paper roll or other products that need to be rewinding after rewinding. The paper rolled out by the paper machine is relatively soft, the interior may be damaged or broken, the edges on both sides are not uniform, the edge of the wool can not be directly used in paper processing, must pass through the slitting rewinding machine, cutting, joint, in the paper core to form a certain specification, a certain degree of tightness of the finished paper can be out of the factory. The composition and working principle of the slitting rewinding machine is generally composed of a paper roll, a guide roll, a longitudinal cutting device, a roll-up bottom roll, and a paper roller. Each component has an independent motor. So do you know how the slitting rewinding machine works?


Here is the content list:

•Structural advantages of the slitting rewinding machine

•Preparation of materials

•When the machine is rolling


Structural advantages of the slitting rewinding machine

The middle part of the slitting rewinding machine has the spindle of the paper tube, the front end of the spindle is fixed on the base with a set of bearings, the center of a set of bearings has a pulley, and the azimuth device near the base has a compression cylinder. The upper end of the cylinder support rod has a set of support rod bearings to support the spindle.


The upper end of the cutting and slitting rewinding machine is provided with the main tool shaft, which is arranged on several blades and arranged according to a certain gap; the support frame of the main tool shaft is also arranged at the top of the slitting rewinding machine, and a supporting cylinder is arranged in the center of the support frame.


Preparation of materials

Before using the slitting rewinding machine raw materials are finished rolled or cut at a fixed length, such as plastic packaging materials, packaging materials, cardboard boxes, steel plates, film, leather, wood chips.


When the machine is rolling

The brake on the slitting rewinding machine keeps the tension of the product and allows the product to break quickly when the paper breaks to reduce the loss of the product. The product is cut into the required width by roller and longitudinal cutting mechanism to achieve the required tightness and diameter. The main structural parameters of re-roll are the width of processing and the maximum speed of the product, followed by the maximum diameter and transmission form of roll and re-roll.


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