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What is the customized cutting machine used for?

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What is the customized cutting machine used for?

With the development of the modern machinery processing industry, the continuous improvement of cutting quality and precision requirements, the improvement of production efficiency, reduction of production costs, and the requirements for automatic cutting with high intelligence are also increasing, and customized cutting machines have emerged. Next is an introduction to the purpose of the customized cutting machine.

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l Half cutting

l Intermittent cutting

l Asynchronous die-cutting


Half cutting

Half cutting is also known as kiss cutting, is to provide a half cutting device to cut sticker products with liner. The device is a kind of simple, practicable and adjustable by regulating the cut depth of a cutting blade to the adhesive body. The backing liner without cut for easy storage and transportation. PLC controller to make different cut width, roll to roll half cut product, several half cuts plus one through cut.

Intermittent cutting

Intermittent cutting is also called gap cutting, skip cutting, employs programmable controller + man-machine touch screen + two servo controller to pull materials, can do intermittent cutting and other six cutting methods: (1) Several intermittent kiss-cutting (half cutting) +one through-cutting (full cutting) (2) Several kiss-cutting + one through-cutting (3)kiss-cutting + rewinding (4) intermittent kiss-cutting +rewinding function , (5) Through-cutting  (6) Intermittent through-cutting, good synchronization, easy operation. It is with significant cost savings for the material, time, and labor. It is the best solution for the adhesive tape field.

Asynchronous die-cutting


With the continuous maturation of flat-knife die-cutting machine products and the continuous technological innovation needs of the industry, the application of asynchronous die-cutting has become increasingly mature. Asynchronous die-cutting is favored by the majority of die-cutting processing factories and by die-cutting engineers for its super-saving operation principle and simplification of process steps to cut the rubber strip without gaps by the cutting knife, and then complete the form of peeling and bonding. The cut rubber strips are asynchronously pulled apart and then enter the die cutting machine for punching. The required punching part is cut in a range, the spacing is opened, and the bottom belt is synchronized with the die-cutting, so as to realize the material saving process.


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