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How does the Flatbed die cutting machine work?

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How does the Flatbed die cutting machine work?

The die-cutting table of the Flatbed die cutting machine and the shape of the cutting mechanism are flat. The die-cutting plate is fixed on the flat plate table and the processed sheet is placed on the press plate. When working, the die-cutting table is fixed, and the pressure plate moves back and forth through the crankshaft connecting rod, which makes the plate table and the pressure plate clutch continuously, and each time the die-cutting is realized.   Flatbed die cutting machine consists of a feeding part, molding part, discharging part, and some automatic cleaning device. How does the Flatbed die cutting machine work?


Here is the content list:

•Transfer of raw materials

•Die cutting technology

•Control technology

•Waste removal device

•Scope of application


Transfer of raw materials

The material is sent to the position by the delivery parts, and the  Flatbed die cutting machine sends the material quantity to the  Flatbed die cutting machine for secondary positioning, and then the tooth row is delivered to the waste cleaning mechanism after the die-cutting, to complete the die-cutting operation.


Die-cutting technology

The working principle of the Flatbed die cutting machine is to use the mold cutting knife, steel knife, hardware mold, steel wire (or steel plate carved template), to apply a certain pressure through the pressing plate, to roll the print or sheet into a certain shape. If the whole print is pressed into a single graphic product is called die cutting, if the print by steel line pressure marks or bending groove marks is called die marks, if the mold is heated to a temperature, the pattern or font on the print surface is called gold; if one substrate is compound on another substrate is called fit; excluding the rest of the genuine product is called waste; the above can be referred to as die-cutting technology.


Control technology

The frequency conversion speed regulation technology and programmable controller technology are widely used in die-cutting machines, and the stability and reliability of the Flatbed die cutting machine are greatly improved. In recent years, the export of molding equipment is increasing year by year, the technical level of Flatbed die cutting machines are improving, and the recognition of users is increasing.



Waste removal device

Our company Flatbed die cutting machine die cutting speed, die-cutting precision is good, the production of large-area Flatbed die cutting machine with a waste cleaning device, the foundation of this Flatbed die cutting machine mostly use steel wallboard, precision Flatbed die cutting machine center processing, Precision and rigidity are fully guaranteed.


Scope of application

Flatbed die cutting machine is used for tv and computer protective film, adhesive material, electronic shielding material, PVC film, mullah film, copper aluminum foil, double-sided adhesive, foam cotton, and other materials and LED、LCD reflector in the photoelectric industry, diffusion sheet, buffer sheet lightening film, black and white glue, silicone tape, etc. widely used in aircraft, automotive, electronic, IT、 printing packaging and other industries.


Because the Flatbed die cutting machine has a series of advantages, such as simple structure, convenient maintenance, easy operation, easy replacement of die-cutting indentation plate, suitable for different grams of materials, die-cutting accuracy, and so on, it has a wide market. Flatbed die cutting machine has a wide range of applications, suitable for gule-based products, dustproof materials, shockproof materials, insulation materials die-cutting indentation processing, is the domestic use of more common die-cutting equipment. Kunshan Hexin company conducts many tests of Flatbed die cutting machines, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need a Flatbed die cutting machine and more die cutting machines products, you can consider our cost-effective products. Kunshan Hexin company's materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.




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