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What can the log roll cutting machine be used for?

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What can the log roll cutting machine be used for?

In daily life, paper, tape, protective film and so on usually appear in a regular form in front of us, but few people know that they have undergone precise cutting before. This work is usually done by the log roll cutting machine. How much do you know about the log roll cutting machine? Today, this article will lead you to explore the log roll cutting machine and its use.


The content of this article mainly includes the following points:

l What is the log roll cutting machine?

l What are the characteristics of the log roll cutting machine?

l The use of the log roll cutting machine.


What is the log roll cutting machine

The log roll cutting machine is mainly used for precise slitting of adhesive tape, protective film, paper products and other materials. It can cut a large roll of material into a specified width. The equipment includes frame, reducer and pulley. The belt pulley is coaxially connected with the worm of the reducer, and the worm gear of the reducer is coaxially connected with a rotating shaft. The rotating shaft from bottom to top is the baffle plate, the push plate and the coupling type feeder. A pair of band saw wheels are arranged in the middle of the frame, and a shield is arranged outside the band saw wheel. Its cutting quality is stable, automatic feeding, easy to operate, safe and reliable.


What are the characteristics of the log roll cutting machine

1. The log roll cutter is usually equipped with a high precision alloy circular knife with automatic spray type silicone oil cooling, so as to achieve no cutting glue on the cutting knife, keep a sharp effect, and do not wet the material. The log roll cutting machines are equipped with undervoltage protection and light control protection devices, and great measures have been taken in terms of safety.

2. Automatic blade sharpener both sides of the blade which keeps the blade always ready to cut.

3. Two lateral panels with a fixing device in order to adjust the length of the roll and prevents the longitudinal displacement of the material.

4. The cutting head glides on thin linear rolling bearings on the frame which has a pneumatic brake to set the off position by a button.

5. Digital counter to see the cutting widths sizes, option to set 0 points.

6. Inverter for speed variation. Adjustable speed allows cutting all types of materials.


The use of the log roll cutting machine.

1. Applicable substrate: mica tape, paper, insulating material and film slitting.

2. Applicable industries: related industries of various insulating materials, special electrical paper and film.

3. Applicable process: sub plate, finished product inspection, finished product sub volume, process opening.


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