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How do I choose a multilayer lining machine?

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How do I choose a multilayer lining machine?

Laminating machines can be divided into two categories: instant-coating laminating machines and pre-coating laminating machines. It is special equipment for paper and film. The ready-to-coat laminating machine includes three parts: gluing, drying, and hot pressing. It has a wide application range and stable and reliable processing performance. It is a widely used laminating equipment in China. Pre-coating type laminating machine, no gluing and drying parts, small size, low cost, flexible and convenient operation, not only suitable for laminating processing of large quantities of printed matter, but also suitable for laminating small batches and scattered printed matter such as automated desktop office systems Processing is very promising. The following are some precautions for purchasing a laminating machine.

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l Scope of application

l Overall size

l Heating

l Installation

l Features

Scope of application

First of all, you need to consider the scope of the multilayer lining machine you want to apply. Depending on the application required, printing companies may need a full-featured laminating machine (much more expensive) or a limited-function laminating machine (low cost and high efficiency).

Overall size

You should also consider the maximum size you can accept, which will determine the width of the multi-layer liner. The width of the multi-layer liner must be wide enough to accommodate the maximum printing width to maximize the output and production of the printer.


You should also consider whether your multilayer lining machine is a cold type, a heat-assisted type with only the upper roll heating, or an overall heating type (for encapsulation). Encapsulation involves applying heat-activated heat-sensitive films on both sides of the printed matter. The finished product is cut, leaving a transparent edge around the printed matter, so it is called encapsulation. Some applications require the overall heating of the laminating machine or use the upper roller heating to assist in better laminating. Therefore, it is very important to consider whether the laminating machine requires overall heating (encapsulation) or single-sided heating (pressure-sensitive adhesive). If the main job function is encapsulation, the cold roll laminating machine cannot be used.


You should also consider whether you need to have the ability to install, and the maximum size of the substrate that the multilayer lining machine can install. If you just install it on the foam core, there will be no need for a wide installation gap. However, if you want to install on a thicker substrate, you will want a larger installation gap.


Whether the multilayer lining machine has some special functions should also be considered, such as the roll-to-roll function. In some applications (such as car body stickers), a roll-to-roll function is required to ensure that the multilayer lining machine can be delivered and used in the form of coils.

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