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What is roll to sheet cutting machine?

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What is roll to sheet cutting machine?

In the material processing machinery industry, the roll to sheet cutting machine is an important tool. It is ideal processing equipment widely used in paper making industry and paper products printing industry. But many people do not understand its specific features and uses. This paper will introduce what is roll to sheet cutting machine and their characteristics and functions.


The frame of the article is as follows:

l What is roll to sheet cutting machine?

l What are the features and functions of the roll to sheet cutter?

l Precautions for purchasing machines.


What is roll to sheet cutting machine?

The roll to sheet cutting machine is suitable for vertical and horizontal cutting of white board, gold and silver cardboard, plain rainbow paper, positioning laser anti-counterfeiting paper, plastic sheet and other web materials. The computer part of roll to sheet cutting machine is composed of the industrial control computer, 5.5 "color digital display, imported frequency converter, photoelectric sensor, AC servo motor and driver. The control mode of the whole machine is advanced. The speed of the main machine, servo motor and feeding motor is controlled by the computer to achieve synchronous operation.

It is mainly used in the cross cutting of copper paper and cardboard after printing (such as cigarette case, toothpaste case, thin paper case, etc.). The machine adopts the imported servo motor drive (i.e. shaftless drive), the internationally advanced registration system, tension control system and deviation correction system. It has the characteristics of a high degree of automation, stable and reliable operation, high cross cutting accuracy, convenient size replacement and easy operation.


What are the features and functions of the roll to sheet cutter?

It has the advantages of high cutting precision, fast speed and convenient feeding. It can also be equipped with a paper humidification, drying and leveling system to make the paper flat and straight. Two of the most typical advantages are:

1. Cutting down on time and labor. A higher-quality roll to sheet cutting machine will reduce your cutting time. With more efficient use of time, it is possible to expand production without increasing the labor force.

2. Variety of materials and jobs. The possibilities of what you can achieve with a roll cutting machine are endless. Automatic roll to sheet cutting machines are fully programmable and adapt to the needs of any job.


Precautions for purchasing machines.

1. Machine Size. When buying a roll cutting machine or slitter machine, consider the size of the roll used.

2. Thickness of Material. This will vary between machines and size, so be sure to consider the thickness of the material the machine will need to cut.

3. Sheet Size. What size sheets will it cut? Depending on the size of the roll cutting machine, it will cut rolls into different size sheets.

4.  Speed. What is the speed of the machine? Speed is measured by the number of cuts. Smaller cuts take more time.

5. Split Options. Can the machine split and cut? A splitter (or slitter) will cleanly slice through a standard-sized roll to create custom sizes. If both roll cutting and slitting are necessary, ensure the machine has the option for roll cutting and splitting.


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