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What is a sheet cutting machine?

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What is a sheet cutting machine?

Sheet cutting machine is a kind of slitting equipment, which is used to cut corrugated board. Its technology and performance can directly affect the quality of products. The sheeting machine is widely used in industry. Do you know some specific features and types of sheet cutter? This article will introduce what is the sheet cutting machine and its characteristics and other information. I believe you will have a deeper understanding of the sheeting machine after reading it.


The structure of this article is as follows:

l What is a sheet cutting machine?

l What are the features of sheet cutter?

l The development trend of the sheet cutting machine.


What is a sheet cutting machine?

Sheet cutting machine is one of the important single machines in the corrugated board production line. Its technical performance and equipment adjustment directly affect the cutting size of the finished paperboard, whether the pressing line is broken and whether the incision appearance is smooth and beautiful.

The sheeting machine is divided into mechanical sheeting machines and computer-controlled sheeting machines because of different transmission control modes. The computer sheeting machine is controlled by the industrial control computer. According to the set length, the cutter shaft is controlled to cut off the paperboard. In addition, the precision transmission of the mechanical part can control the paper cutting error within 10%±Within 1 mm. There are two types of computer-controlled sheeting machines: spiral knife sheeting machine and straight knife sheeting machine. A spiral knife sheeting machine is more suitable for high-speed cutting thick cardboard, and the paper cutting is stable, the blade life is long.


What are the features of sheet cutter?

Mechanical sheeting machine is a kind of machine which is driven by the traditional mechanical way. Its characteristics are as follows:

(1) The speed of the transmission can be changed by directly adjusting the transmission manually to achieve the purpose of changing the required length of the paperboard.

(2) The parallel device and distance adjusting device are installed on the gear of the cutter roller of the machine, which can ensure the stability of the sheet cutter in the process of operation.

(3) The power of the machine is controlled and input by the main drive, so the design can make the cutter have a good synchronization effect and high accuracy.

(4) Mechanical sheeting machine adopts double crank speed control design, so that the cutter shaft rotation is non-uniform.

But the mechanical sheet cutting machine needs to consume manpower and material resources. It is dangerous in the process of use, and the operation is complex, so it gradually disappears from the market.

Computer controlled sheeting machine, also known as an automatic sheeting machine, is a kind of sheeting equipment connected with the computer system and controlled by a computer. The computer can control the operation of the cutter shaft, set the cutting length and determine the cutting direction. The computer-controlled sheeting machine has high precision, convenient operation and low cost, so it is popular.


The development trend of the sheet cutting machine.

1. Digitization: with the continuous development of science and technology, digital sheet cutting machine is emerging.

2. Integration: at present, different brands can be connected at will, and the future development strategy is to connect and match different brands and devices at will.

3. Automation: in the era of increasingly high automation, people are constantly pursuing the goal of high automation of equipment, which is closer and closer to the ideal of unmanned operation.


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