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Precautions for Flatbed die cutting machine

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Precautions for Flatbed die cutting machine

A Flat die cutting machine is the key equipment for printing and packaging products after printing. It is not only an efficient, safe, and high-quality molding equipment but also a replacement product of a Flatbed die cutting machine, which is favored by packaging and printing enterprises. The wide application of this equipment and broad market prospects has attracted many enterprises to buy flat die cutting machine. Our company Flatbed die cutting machine has formed a complete product range, in technology also reached a high level. Do you know precautions for a Flatbed die cutting machine?


Here is the content list:

•Precautions before use

•Points for attention during operation

•Shutdown inspection

•Matters needing attention


Precautions before use

Check whether the motor and electrical parts of the Flatbed die cutting machine are good before use. Whether each safety protection switch is normal and reliable. Check whether the screws and nuts in each part are loose, and solve them in time if found. Check whether the equipment brake is flexible during the rotation. Turn the driveshaft with a wrench to reciprocate the press frame several times to observe whether there is a jam phenomenon. Items shall not be stored on the Flatbed die cutting machine to crush the machine or affect its work.


 Points for attention during operation

The Flatbed die cutting machine needs to be injected with lubricating oil before operation. Press the motor start button after the power is turned on, and wait for the flywheel to rotate for a certain time before the Flatbed die cutting machine can be put into operation. When the distance between the seat plate and the press plate needs to be adjusted, the power supply should be cut off to ensure safety. Operators are forbidden to grab paper between the machine seat plate and press frame plate.


Shutdown inspection

Don't turn off the power immediately after the Flatbed die cutting machine is finished, wait for the waste cleaning system to clean up the waste paper and shut down; remove the paper scraps from the Flatbed die cutting machine and lift the fan and cots to a reasonable position for cleaning; finally, close the Flatbed die cutting machine and then turn off the power supply.


Matters needing attention

It is strictly prohibited to damage the Flatbed die cutting machine. In the use of the Flatbed die cutting machine, follow the safety rules and be placed in a reasonable position when stopping the use, to ensure that the Flatbed die cutting machine will not be damaged but also to protect the personal safety problems.


A Flat die cutting machine is using a steel knife, hardware mold, steel wire, through the press plate to apply a certain pressure, the print or sheet rolled into a certain shape. The main scope of application includes adhesive products, dust-proof materials, shock-proof products, insulation materials, etc. Kunshan Hexin company conducts many tests of Flatbed die cutting machinesand the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need a Flatbed die cutting machine, you can consider our cost-effective products. Kunshan Hexin company's materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.





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