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Is the sheet cutting machine useful?

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Is the sheet cutting machine useful?

The sheet cutting machine is mainly used in the paper cutting industry, is to cut the web into the size of the paper customers need, and belongs to the scope of the paper cutting machine. The sheet cutting machine is a piece of very practical equipment, can better help people improve work efficiency. There is no doubt that the role of the sheet cutter is very big. So, why is the sheeting machine useful, what advantages does it have, and how efficient is it? This article will answer for you one by one.


The idea of this paper is as follows:

l What is a sheet cutting machine?

l What are the advantages of crosscutting machines?

l The application of the crosscutting machine.


What is a sheet cutting machine?

Sheet cutting machine is one of the important single machines in the corrugated board production line. Its technical performance and equipment adjustment directly affect the cutting size of the finished paperboard, whether the pressing line is broken and whether the incision appearance is smooth and beautiful.

The sheeting machines is divided into mechanical sheeting machine and computer-controlled sheeting machines because of different transmission control modes. The computer sheeting machine is controlled by the industrial control computer. According to the set length, the cutter shaft is controlled to cut off the paperboard. In addition, the precision transmission of the mechanical part can control the paper cutting error within 10%±Within 1 mm. There are two types of computer-controlled sheeting machines: spiral knife sheeting machine and straight knife sheeting machine. A spiral knife sheeting machine is more suitable for high-speed cutting thick cardboard, and the paper cutting is stable, the blade life is long.


What are the advantages of the crosscutting machines?

1. It has the advantages of simple operation, compact structure, stability and reliability, perfect protection, and easy maintenance.

2. It has a self-protection function and high anti-interference performance.

3. The system has high speed and high precision, which can represent the advanced technology of the control system of the domestic slitter

4. It faces the complex electromagnetic environment of the industrial field, adopts industrial control components, and greatly improves reliability.


The application of the crosscutting machine.

1. The crosscutting machine can be applied to the cutting of coated paper, coated paper, kraft paper, paper-plastic composite, plastic sheet and other roll materials, and it is also suitable for the production of the paper industry and paper processing industry.

2. It is used for cutting different types of office paper, high gloss photo paper, paper-plastic composite, and other drum packaging materials. In addition, color printing film, heat shrinkable film, battery label, mineral water label shear can also use it.

3. It is suitable for cutting different kinds of paper, film, paper-plastic composite, cloth, leather, and other large drum packaging materials.


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