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How to use a sheet cutting machine safely?

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How to use a sheet cutting machine safely?

The good performance of all equipment is inseparable from the safe and correct use method, and the sheet cutting machine is no exception. As the saying goes, everyone is responsible for product safety. Only by ensuring the normal operation of the equipment can the safety of production be ensured. So, how to ensure the safe use of the sheet cutter? This article will introduce the use of sheeting machines, operation requirements and precautions.


This paper is divided into the following parts:

l What are the operational requirements of the sheeting machine?

l What are the specific operation steps of the sheet cutter?

l Precautions for maintenance of the sheet cutting machine.


What are the operational requirements of the sheeting machine?

1. Before starting the machine, check whether there are foreign matters around the machine. If there are foreign matters, they must be removed. According to the maintenance requirements, add oil at the specified lubrication points to ensure that the oil path is smooth.

2. During working hours, the operator should tighten his hair and clothes to prevent safety accidents caused by the running machine, and it is strictly forbidden to wear gloves.

3. When the paperboard enters the slitting, it is strictly forbidden to slitting at the same time. If the cardboard gets stuck in the cutter wheel, start the forward button of the main control box to make the cutter wheel move forward. If it is invalid, the power must be turned off immediately to prevent motor damage. The machine can only work after shutdown and clearing.

4. The operator of the machine shall operate in strict accordance with the relevant documents and other operating procedures, and shall not leave the post without authorization, let alone start the machine on behalf of others.

What are the specific operation steps of the sheet cutter?

Start up: when starting production, start up according to the following procedures.

(1) Close the main power switch of the machine.

(2) Turn the power key switch knob on the console to turn on the control power.

(3) Start the instrument system.

(4) The operation mode is selected by button 7 on the console panel.

(5) Press the buttons 5 on the panel of the operation console successively.

(6) Input the order quantity, cutting length and other parameters in the upper computer system and human-machine interface.

(7) When the paperboard arrives, the machine enters the formal working state.

Shut down: when stopping production, shut down according to the following procedure.

(1) Press the buttons on the console panel successively

(2) Turn the power key switch knob on the operation platform off to turn off the control power.

(3) Turn off the upper computer system.

(4) Disconnect the main power switch of the machine.


Precautions for maintenance of the sheet cutting machine.

First of all, the sheeting machine should be installed in a dry, ventilated place with good light and convenient operation.

Secondly, after each operation, it is necessary to clean up the dust and paper scraps on the machine in time, check the cutting tools and grinding wheels, check whether the running parts are abnormal, and add the lubricating oil reasonably. The water in the oil purifier and gas storage tank shall be drained side by side.

Finally, according to the operational requirements of the manual, cut off the power supply of the sheet cutting machine and maintain the computer operating system.


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