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Do you know jump knife cutting machine?

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Do you know jump knife cutting machine?

The flannel, sheet metal and other materials that we have seen in the right size may not have looked like this in the first place. These materials need to be processed to become the size we need. With the development of technology, jump knife cutting machine appeared on the market and became a good assistant for cutting materials. Because the jump knife cutting machine has high working efficiency and good working performance. If you want to know more about jump knife cutting machine, don't miss this article.


1. What is jump knife cutting machine

2. Working principle of jump knife cutting machine

3. Precautions for using jump knife cutting machine


1. What is jump knife cutting machine

Jump knife cutting machine, as the name suggests, is a machine for cutting materials. The jump knife cutting machine is a machine that splits wide materials into multiple narrow materials. Many materials such as foam, double-sided tape, copper foil and aluminum foil can be processed by jump knife cutting machine.


The jump knife cutting machine can easily and efficiently cut large rolls of thin materials into the width of material you need. Not only can it process thin materials, but it can also help you check product quality. You can check the quality of the product through the sliced slices. It is worth mentioning that the jump knife cutting machine is not only suitable for cutting one material. The kiss cutting machine with gap can cut many materials, such as non-woven fabrics, tapes, lithium battery membranes and many other products. The jump knife cutting machine is extremely cost-effective, making it popular in the market. The material cut by the jump knife cutting machine has smooth edges, no burrs, and the cutting speed is very fast. A considerable amount of thin materials can be completed in a short time.


2. Working principle of jump knife cutting machine

The gap cutting machine consists of an unwinding mechanism, a cutting mechanism, a winding mechanism, various functional rollers, a tension control system, a correction control system and a detection device. The film material passes through the flattening roller, the tension detection roller, the auxiliary energy roller, and the correction system, and then enters the cutting mechanism for cutting. Finally, the finished raw material is separately wound by the winding mechanism into the film rolls you need.


HEXIN's jump knife cutting machine adopts double-servo pull material. This design can ensure the formation of gaps between the product materials, which can save 80% of the raw materials under the most ideal conditions. HEXIN's jump knife cutting machine is controlled by full magnetic powder, which can more conveniently and accurately adjust the tension and ensure the quality of the product. The kiss cutting machine with gap is operated by PLC touch screen, which is easy to operate. You can set the length, quantity and speed of cutting materials according to your needs. HEXIN's jump knife cutting machine can provide individual cutting functions.


3. Precautions for using jump knife cutting machine

Knowing these precautions will make your jump knife cutting machine work better and work longer. Let's take a look together.


First of all, we recommend that you install the gap cutting machine in a place with proper temperature, dryness and ventilation. Humid environment may adversely affect the parts of the jump knife cutting machine. In addition, we also recommend that you install the jump knife cutting machine in a well-lit place, because the bright environment can facilitate your operation. Pay attention to keep the jump knife cutting machine clean and hygienic. jump knife cutting machine's consumable parts. For these parts, you need to check the wear and tear regularly. If the wear is serious, replace them in time.


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